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Bien Keem Tan


Personal Particulars

Full Name: Tan Bien Keem
Last Name: Tan
Date of Birth: 23 July 1965 Age : 53
Nationality: Singaporean
Marital Status : Married
Gender : Male
Office Address : Dept of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery, Singapore General Hospital

Brief Biography

Assoc Prof Tan is currently a consultant plastic surgeon at the Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Department, Programme director, Skin Bank, SGH, as well as part-time faculty at the Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore. He is also Vice-President of Singapore Reconstructive Microsurgery Society and Chairman of the Asian Symposium for Breast Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, 2013. He has clinical interest in transplant and is currently developing uterine transplant and hand transplant with the O&G and Hand Surgery Departments respectively. Presently, he is also assisting in the arterial revascularization of liver transplants in SGH. He is currently developing tissue banking in SGH and is in the process of attaining American Association of Tissue Banking accreditation for the Skin Bank in SGH.

A/Prof Tan was awarded the 8th Yahya Cohen Memorial Lectureship: Flap Prefabrication – The Bridge between Conventional Flaps and Tissue-Engineered Flaps at the 37th Annual Combined Surgical Meeting in 2003 and presented the Outstanding Faculty Award at the Residency in SingHealth Excels in 2015. He has been involved in research, education and clinical treatment related to microsurgery for more than 10 years. He has been the Organising Chairman of the biannual Microsurgery Course for eight years and a trainer in the Basic Surgical Skills Course for nine years. He is also the Organising Chairman of our biannual Cadaveric Flap Dissection Course 2013 and 2015 for which he has published several Flap Books. He is an internationally recognised speaker, clinician and researcher and has been invited to lecture in Berlin, Barcelona, Augusta (US), Bangladesh, Indonesia and Taiwan. He has held several mission trips to the Combined Military General Hospital, Bangladesh. He has published extensively in numerous medical journals and books.

Current Appointment Details

Senior Consultant & Head of Department / Plastic, reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery / Singapore General
Adjunct Associate Professor, Duke-NUS
Programme Director, Skin Bank, Singapore General Hospital

Recent Publications

A Surgical Approach to the Harvest of the Vascularized Submandibular and Submental Lymph Node
Flap: The “Through-the-Gland” Dissection Technique.
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Aesthetic outcomes and mitigating nipple-areolar complex necrosis.
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Outcomes between Perforator and Nonperforator Flaps.
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