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Tomas Kempny

Czech Republic

DR., M.D. PH.D.

Born 1970, Ostrava, Czech Republic

Graduated Medical school in 1994 at Palacky University, Olomouc, Czech Republic.

  • From 1994-1999 he completed a specialty training (fellowship) in Traumatology department at University Hospital, Ostrava, Czech Republic. During his fellowship in University hospital in Ostrava, he also set up Replantation center.
  • In 1999 he started his new position in Plastic surgery department and became Plastic surgery consultant in 2005.
  • In 2009 he completed Ph.D. with final theses – “Methods of thumb reconstruction” in Bratislava, Slovakia.
  • From 2007 till 2018 continued his carrier as Microsurgeon in Uniclinic, Salzburg and Wels, Austria. From 2019 he is primarily working in plastic surgery clinic Medicent in Ostrava and performing Microsurgical reconstructions in Brno and Prague, Czech Republic.
  • In 2017 he founded Medicent humanity z.s., charity focusing on development of plastic surgeons in Ethiopia.